About Me

My name is Jesse Singal, and I’m a New-York-based journalist. I currently work as a senior editor at New York Magazine’s website, where I will be editing a soon-to-launch blog about the science of human behavior. I’m also the video game columnist for The Boston Globe and a contributing writer at Newsweek/The Daily Beast, and my work has appeared in The New Republic Online, Slate, BloombergBusinessweek.com, Politico, The Washington Monthly, and other outlets. I have a Master’s in Public Affairs from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Policy, where I studied inequality in America and how to fix it. Totally worked! After that I spent nine months in Germany as a Bosch Fellow.

I’m a native of suburban Boston and therefore a rabid fan of the New England Patriots, Boston Celtics, and real clam chowder (the idea of a tomato coming anywhere near a cup of chowder is as reckless as it is sacrilegious). Yes, I like the Red Sox too, but not as much. I’m sorry.

Before Germany and grad school, I was a contract opinion writer at the Globe, writing columns, editorials, and blog posts from the glamorous confines of 135 William T. Morrissey Boulevard. Before that, I did stints as web editor of the Washington Monthly and as an associate editor at Campus Progress, part of the Center for American Progress.

You should read my stuff. And then, once you’ve got an idea of what I’m into, you should follow me on Twitter and contact me to tell me what I should be writing about.

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